About Me

I’m Brad Kendall and I currently work out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am an entrepreneur and a geek which means I am interested in anything business or electronic. I have been involved in tech for over 10 years.

As a true entrepreneur, starting my first business at the age of 13, I have always been self employed. I am involved in a number of projects and businesses. Some of them being:

Bradkendall.ca: My blog about all things SMB IT. With over 10 years experience owning and growing an SMB IT frim, I am sharing my knowledge for others in the field.

CCR Technology Group: CCR Technology Group is a small business IT solutions provider that focuses on the hospitality industry in Winnipeg and across Canada.

Digihedron: Digihedron is the developer of Epicenter, a cutting edge audio/visual management application for sports bars.

Young Entrepreneur Council: The Young Entrepreneur Council is a closed-community of the world’s top, young entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and their minds to create something extraordinary: The world’s largest resource for becoming a young, successful business owner.

CNIB Selkirk Golf Classic: The CNIB Selkirk Golf Classic is a fundraiser to help fund CNIB programs directly in Selkirk, MB. To date the CNIB Selkirk Golf Classic has helped raise net proceeds of $100,000.00.

In The Media

Here is a collection on some of my writing on technology and entrepreneurship:

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